Dermabrasion Home Remedies for Acne

Dermabrasion HomeRemedies for Acne


Dermabrasion Home Remedies for Acne


Dermabrasion at home?  Dermabrasion removes several layers of skin, which removes deep scars and other skin imperfections.  This procedure is performed in a doctor’s office where they can administer some type of anesthesia.  Now you can perform a Dermabrasion at home!

Have you ever watched the Dr. Oz show or gone to his website for information?  Dr. Oz during one of his shows talked about a home remedy Dermabrasion for acne.  All it requires is an egg.  How simple can that be?

When you crack open an egg, what do you see?  Most people will say that they see the egg white, egg yolk, and the shell.  What they miss is the membrane that separates the shell from the egg.  This membrane is there to draw out the impurities from the egg when a baby chick is forming inside of the egg.  Think what that membrane could do for your pimples and blackheads.

Acne Dermabrasion with an Egg Recipe

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry
  • Crack the egg and remove the egg white and yolk.  You can separate the white from the yolk to use in other recipes for your face or hair.
  • Carefully remove the membrane or skin that surrounds the shell.
  • Place pieces of the membrane or skin over each pimple or blackhead.  Continue until you have removed all of the membrane from the shell and have covered each pimple or blackhead.
  • Leave the membrane or skin on for 15 minutes.  During the 15 minutes, the membrane or skin is literally drawing the impurities out of the pimple or blackhead.
  • Peel the membrane or skin off your face.  You should see some impurities on the membrane.
  • Once all of the membrane or skin is removed, apply an oil free moisturizer to your face.

Since this is a Dermabrasion treatment, keep your face clean, well moisturized and apply sunscreen when you go outside even if it is a cloudy day.