Acne Tips

Acne Tips


Acne Tips abound over the Internet.  There are a few Acne Tips, when performed consistently, will help you in your fight against Acne.  They are not hard to follow but they do require some discipline from you.  You must be consistent with your Acne skin care routine.  Otherwise, you will not reap the benefits that you are looking for, which is clearer skin.

Acne Tip #1

Wash your face with a GENTLE facial cleanser twice a day, morning and night, and after excessive sweating resulting from being out in the sun or exercise.  You do not want to over wash your face because you don’t want to damage the acid mantle of the skin.  The acid mantle is the thin protective film found on the surface of the skin.

Acne Tip #2

Do not pop, squeeze, or use an extraction tool on pimples or blackheads.  You may feel that you have completely removed the material found inside of the pimple or blackhead, but you have not.  What you have accomplished is pushing the infection or pus further into the skin’s tissue, caused swelling or inflammation, and caused more tissue to become infected.  Each time you squeeze, pop or extract the pimple or blackhead you are increasing your risk of scarring.

Acne Tips

Acne Tip #3

Drink plenty of water.  Water keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins that are in your body.  Well-hydrated skin sheds the dead skin cells easier, is less likely to be dry and is youthful skin.

Acne Tip #4

Wash your pillowcase every other day.  Everything that is on your face at night is on your pillowcase come morning.  All the germs and bacteria left behind are there just waiting for a place to grow.