Best Home Remedies For Acne

Home Remedies For Acne

Acne is a skin condition that is caused by an excessive buildup of oil (sebum produced in the sebaceous glands) and dead skin cells around the hair follicle.  Normally, the oil will travel up the hair follicle shaft and out onto the skin where it is washed away.  With Acne, this buildup clogs the pores of your skin and causes whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or cysts (bumps under surface of the skin) just to name a few.

With any skin care program, you want to make sure that you do not damage or change the pH or acid mantle of the skin.  Most over-the counter products contain chemicals and preservatives that can damage our skin.  So before you run to the store to buy an expensive product, look in your kitchen or bathroom for very affordable Home Remedies For Acne. Our skin is our first line of defense against germs, bacteria and viruses.

According to Wikipedia, acid mantle is:

“A very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin.  It is secreted by the sebaceous glands”

Home Remedies For Acne items that you have or most likely have in your home already:

Toothpaste – it does not seem to matter what brand of toothpaste you use.  After you wash your face at night, place a small amount of toothpaste on each pimple, blackhead, etc.  Go to bed and allow the toothpaste to dry.  When you wake in the morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply an oil-free moisturizer to seal and lock in moisture.

Visine Eye Drops Original – Do you have Visine Eye Drops at home to get the red out of your eyes?  Try using it on your pimples to see if Visine will take the red or lighten the color of the pimple.  Take a Q-tip and moisten with Visine (make sure you do not touch the Visine bottle to the end of the Q-tip), then dab the Visine moistened Q-tip on the pimples.

Tea Tree Oil – this oil comes from the Tea Tree in Australia and contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and antiviral properties.  Tea Tree oil is able to clean out the pores by breaking down the sebum and dirt mixture.  You can find this oil in stores.  When using this oil on the skin dilute the oil with water. Apply the diluted oil to your face using a cotton ball and only apply to acne.   BEFORE USING this oil, place a small amount of diluted Tea Tree oil on the inside of the upper arm.  If redness or itchy or other reactions occur then do not use Tea Tree Oil on your face.

Oatmeal – who doesn’t have oatmeal in their kitchen.  Oatmeal soaks up the excess oil from your skin, which in turns helps to dry up the pimples.  It is also a great exfoliator.  Use the oatmeal in a mask.  See the section on Oatmeal Homemade Facial Masks for recipe ideas.

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is best when freshly squeezed from a lemon, but the bottle of Lemon juice will also work.  Lemon is anti-bacterial in nature, unclogs your pores, and promotes skin elasticity.    Lemon juice will also lighten your skin.  Use a cotton ball to apply the Lemon juice to the pimples or acne.  If straight Lemon juice is to strong then dilute it with water.  Re-apply each time you wash your face.  Do not use Lemon  Essential Oil on your face, as the Lemon Oil is photosensitive and will turn the color of your face to grey.